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[0] Introduces a Vision for a Better Metaverse

Metaverse Artist Krista Kim and futurist producer Peter Martin team up to bring culture, wellness, and education to the Open Metaverse.


[0] was introduced earlier this year in Krista Kim’s New York Times Op-Ed announcing the creation of “a better Metaverse.” Kim is teaming up with Academy Award-nominated and interactive Emmy-winning producer Peter Martin (VALIS studio) to found [0] (pronounced “zero”), an innovation lab & creative studio developing the future of realistic digital humans and immersive experiences in an open, interoperable Metaverse.

[0] and their partners will produce virtual experiences to be accessible through 0.xyz set to release in early 2023, and act as a strategy and R&D lab for pioneering companies entering the Metaverse. [0] aims to present a new kind of open Metaverse. The Metaverse’s current gaming-centric vision leaves substantial untapped potential in other enriching fields with the potential to develop a robust experience economy with creators. [0] aims to share the visions of renowned artists and creatives alongside scientists and educators seeking to create new genres of digital spaces that prioritize the value of wellness, culture, and life-enhancing content. By early 2023, [0] will amplify and scale virtual wellness programs by utilizing the Metaverse as an avenue for personalized avatars, interpersonal interactions, spatial story-telling, and both meditative and personal enrichment programming in association with key IP partnerships.

[0] will feature a combination of cutting-edge virtual production and hyper-realistic avatars within interoperable, open ecosystems. [0] has formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including The Third Floor, Blvck Pixel, CJ Olive Networks, M2 Studios, Spatial.io, Storyfile, WEVR, and VALIS Studio. These production partnerships will ensure [0]’s vision of a high-fidelity, interoperable Metaverse, and allow for the highest level of innovation and creative production across [0]’s projects. Through these experiences, Kim & Martin will herald a new era of projects promoting healing and wellness in the Metaverse

“The Metaverse is the greatest art project of human civilization at the intersection of technology, education, health & wellness, science, and culture,” said Krista Kim, Co-Founder.

“I have helped pioneer early versions of Metaverse since I first read the term in “Snow Crash’ in 1994. The technology has finally arrived to deliver the massive multi-user photorealistic Metaverse envisioned in Neal Stephenson’s seminal work,” said Peter Martin, Co-Founder.

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