Home Tech News Cannaverse Technologies Partners with pax.world to Create World’s Largest Web3 Cannabis Community – CANNALAND™

Cannaverse Technologies Partners with pax.world to Create World’s Largest Web3 Cannabis Community – CANNALAND™


Cannaverse Technologies, the creator of CANNALAND™, the world’s first cannabis Metaverse and pioneer in cannabis product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising, announced today they have officially partnered with pax.world, a leading blockchain Metaverse platform that allows users to build their own digital world, to develop their Web2 and Web3 strategy in creating the world’s largest cannabis community.

The partnership will leverage pax.world’s cutting edge and innovative technology bridging the best of Web2 and Web3 to create a truly immersive experience serving both the B2B and B2C markets in the world’s first comprehensive cannabis community platform. Using pax.world’s pioneering technology, CANNALAND will provide an enhanced user experience offering consumer and e-commerce services including:

  • Virtual retail venues where companies and brands can showcase their products to consumers.
  • Residential and commercial properties within virtual neighborhoods and commercial zoned areas unique to customers and their business.
  • A vast selection of business services including legal, marketing, finance, testing services, and agriculture.
  • Interactive and immersive experiences that take the audience to a level that far surpasses its physical world counterpart.
  • Unique curriculums based on the top cannabis science and research from leading universities around the world.
  • Community forums, conferences and numerous other cannabises related activities.

“Cannaverse Technologies could not be more thrilled about our new collaboration with pax.world,” said Matt Morgan, Co-Founder of Cannaverse Technologies’ CANNALAND™. “We both see the same future for Web3 technology, which was a driving factor to work together. Especially as we see a continued rise in interest for immersive technology experiences.”

The partnership will allow Cannaverse Technologies to utilize pax. world’s cutting-edge technology to offer their B2B and B2C community to share, learn, discover, and have fun experiencing all things cannabis regardless of geographic location.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Cannaverse Technologies to provide innovative technology that will enhance the user experience and enable commerce, education, and community to flourish in the Metaverse. This partnership presents an opportunity for more businesses to enter Web3 and to build a digital environment that provides seamless real-world experiences that are truly inclusive and accessible,” said Frank Fitzgerald, Founder of pax.world.


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