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Let’s Talk Tech Talent: How NPower is Impacting Diversity in the Tech Workforce 


Tech talent is in high demand but finding qualified, diverse candidates remains a huge obstacle for companies across the board. That is where NPower comes in, a national nonprofit that provides a pathway to thriving tech careers for those with non-traditional backgrounds; and gives companies access to a new pipeline of a diverse and trained workforce ready to step into entry-level roles in tech.

“Some of the nation’s largest employers are looking to NPower to provide both qualified applicants, as well as diverse candidates with unique skills and experiences that previously would not have been considered,” said Felecia Webb, Chief Development Officer. “The qualities we see over and over in our candidates are an eagerness to learn, upskill, and adapt to new roles. We have a win-win model for the employer and employee.”

NPower envisions a future where the tech workforce is diverse and offers a clear path for all people to succeed in the digital economy. 76% of NPower students are Black, LatinX, and multi-racial, and 39% are women.
Right now, they have a particular emphasis on the recruitment of women of color –more specifically Black, LatinX, and Indigenous women, who make up only 5% of the total tech workforce. Overall, NPower’s program trains students, provides professional development, mentoring, and internships, where nearly 80% of program graduates land entry-level work in tech jobs. The lasting results are increased organizational productivity for hiring partners, support for DEI strategies, and sustainable income growth for their alumni.

Headquartered in New York, NPower operates training centers in New York, Texas, California, Maryland, Toronto, New Jersey, Missouri, and Michigan. The program is free to students due to funding from corporate, private and public support. NPower’s Board of Directors is compiled of top C-suite executives from Dell, CISCO, and Salesforce to name a few who provide oversight to the instructor-led virtual training in IT fundamentals, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, which lead to industry recognized certifications and candidates are hired by corporations including Citi, Bank of America, Accenture, and more.

“The fact that our candidates are more diverse results in new perspectives to problems and greater innovation, both of which are so important to the nation’s top corporations,” said Ms. Webb. “Our candidates all have a readiness to succeed.”

There are numerous ways for companies to get involved with NPower. Whether it’s through recruitment of recent graduates, or volunteer opportunities for corporate partners to engage employees in high-impact, meaningful experiences with the veterans, military spouses, and young adults from underserved communities enrolled in the free tech training program. To learn more, visit www.npower.org or email felecia.webb@npower.org.

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