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Alloy Therapeutics Appoints Trier Bryant as President of Venture Studio, 82VS


Alloy Therapeutics, a biotechnology ecosystem company, welcomes Trier Bryant as President of 82VS, Alloy’s affiliated venture studio. Trier is a strategic executive leader with distinctive tech, Wall Street, and military experience spanning 15 years, and brings a people-first approach to leading and scaling the 82VS team and ecosystem of startup companies.

82VS efficiently launches nimble drug companies by supporting brilliant scientist entrepreneurs with Alloy’s enabling drug discovery platforms, discovery services, and a team of company creation experts that industrialize startup processes around legal, finance, people (HR), marketing, and operations. The result is 82VS entrepreneurs can more efficiently build pipelines of impactful therapeutics with far less capital and time than is typical of venture-scale biotech startups, all while having access to the vast resources of the Alloy ecosystem.

“The Air Force trained me to think ‘mission first, people always,’” said Trier. “My career focus ever since has been on helping organizations become their best through how they cultivate their people and teams. The role at 82VS represented the perfect opportunity for me to take my breadth of people-centric experience to the exciting field of biotech and an organization that is ‘science first, people always.’”

Trier previously served as the first Chief People Officer of the aerospace startup Astra, was responsible for 70% of hires at Twitter as its Global Head of Revenue, G&A (Corporate Functions), University, and Diversity Recruiting, and led Goldman Sachs’ diversity talent acquisition strategy across 15 functions as its Vice President of Global Diversity Talent Acquisition. She is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a combat veteran from her time in the United States Air Force as a Captain, having led engineering teams while spearheading inclusive recruiting initiatives for the Air Force Academy, Air Force, and DoD. Following her in-house experience, she co-founded Just Work, which provides leading organizations practical and tactical solutions to create productive organizations where respect and collaboration combine to produce more equitable, productive, and successful workplaces.

“Alloy is building a human-scale organization, designed to create incredible impact in the drug discovery industry while maintaining a close-knit culture that values people as people,” said Alloy CEO and Founder Errik Anderson. “A key part of that is shaping 82VS as the most entrepreneur-friendly and people-centric company creation partner in the biotech industry. Trier’s expertise in building thriving inclusive teams at best-in-their-category organizations will amplify the work of the 82VS team and empower our next generation of new companies in their pursuit of advancing impactful new medicines.”

82VS has launched nine new companies since its 2020 debut, including Broadwing Bio, Voxall Therapeutics, Aakha Biologics, Aldebaran Therapeutics, Restoration Biosciences, Ypsilon Therapeutics, and others still in stealth. The entrepreneurs at these companies are collectively leveraging Alloy’s rich suite of enabling, pre-competitive platform technologies and expert drug discovery services across six biologic modalities, and are collectively advancing novel treatments for cancer, autoimmune disease, inherited blindness, neurodegeneration, and more.

“The operational and leadership support of Alloy’s ecosystem enables scientist entrepreneurs like me to overcome many barriers in starting a company, and accelerate toward value inflection and making medicines,” said Carlos Loya, PhD, founder and CEO of Aldebaran Therapeutics. “Trier’s expertise in building and leading high-performing teams is an incredible value add for first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs in the 82VS ecosystem.”

Trier will support new 82VS venture initiatives in partnership with its team of venture professionals, including capital expansion opportunities. She will also oversee the scaling of the 82VS team, which will continue to grow through the hiring of venture associates, venture partners, and entrepreneurs-in-residence.

“Trier’s people development expertise is a perfect complement to the 82VS venture creation team’s deep scientific background and work in leveraging Alloy’s capabilities,” said 82VS General Partner Chris Pacheco, PhD. “Together we will launch next generation medicines companies that can get started faster, with fewer capital-intensive resources than is typical of biotech companies.”

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